Monday, February 01, 2010

1/3 of the way there

I have completed 31 days of reading the Bible in 90 days.
Every Monday as I reflect on my progress I am amazed that I have made it as far as I have.
I have read 13 books of the Bible, and most of them I have never read completely, just bits and pieces here and there.
I am so proud of what I have accomplished so far and hope that I will be able to make it through the whole Bible.
This past week was hard reading not because of life, but the content, Kings and Chronicles have a lot of repeating so it was hard not to skim and read everything especially in the lists of so and so was the son of so and so.  It was also a little difficult to keep up with all the different kings especially since their names were so similar.  So nothing really stuck out at me this past week, except that the name Ethan is a biblical name, didn't know it was, always liked it.  I also felt bad for Israel and Judah and how they went from having everything to nothing (captivity).  There were quite a few evil kings and it made me stop and think about the spiritual legacy I will leave my children. 
So 31 days down, only 59 more to go!

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Amy@ MomsToolbox said...

I am so glad you are reading and so sorry I had not added your name to my sidebar as a blogger participating. You are there, now!!
Keep it up!


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