Monday, February 01, 2010

12 inches of snow, are we still in Virginia?

this is the second large snowfall of the winter, in fact, it has only snowed twice this year and both times we have gotten dumped on, all this snow makes me feel like we live up north and not below the Mason-Dixon line

after this, a few inches (the old lots of snow standard) is going to seem like nothing

Lily was not a fan of the snow, this is one of the few times she was actually smiling while out in the cold

I hate the cold, but I love snow and had a good time making snow angels, forts, and snowmen with Lance

lance even got to try out snowboarding for the first time, it was kind of hard for him because there was so much snow and it was so light and powdery

so the last two days have been a winter wonderland and we have been enjoying every second
there is something just magical about snow and I hope this won't be the snowstorm of the season, hopefully February will bring even more, but after a week of cold temps and lingering snow, I might change my mind

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