Thursday, January 07, 2010

so ready for spring

we need spring or warmer temperatures desperately around here because we are going stir crazy and here's the proof:

 we have been wearing sunglasses in the house

and taken to wearing only 1 slipper

worked on circus tricks

do you think cirque du soleil would consider toddler balancing as an act?

and then there is couch/ ottoman jumping, the kids favorite evening activity

lily is getting better at her jumps, she use to just step down, but as you can see she is learning to let it all go

today it was suppose to snow, but unfortunately at last minute the weather people said nevermind and now we are getting nothing- not even a dusting, grr, they get our hopes up and then we get nothing- so frustrating.  So tomorrow is going to be another cold day when we are stuck inside.
Can't wait for spring.

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