Wednesday, January 06, 2010

90 days, can it be done

I ran across Mom's Toolbox and discovered a community of people who are reading the Bible in 90 days.
I have attempted to read through the whole Bible countless times in my life, but have failed, so I thought I would try this.  90 days, seems so short, for such a big book, but then I realized this might actually work.  So it has only be a week, but so far so good.  I have been waking up early so I can started on reading before everyone else gets up and it is so nice to have a few minutes of quiet before the chaos of the day starts.  Also, reading in 90 days is easier then spreading it out over a whole year because I read whole stories instead of a few verses.  So a week in and I am in Exodus, Genesis was extremely interesting, it amazes me how stories I know so well can reveal something new with every reading.  So I have 7 days down, only 83 more to go. 

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Molly said...

interesting...I've never read it straight through, and I don't even think I own one in my home anymore after moving at least every year for the past 15 or so years. Send me the schedule of how you split it up, I think I could manage 90 days, and I think the bible is free on kindle somewhere.


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