Monday, January 04, 2010

is naptime over?

This is the third afternoon in a row Lance is not interested in napping.
This won't be a big deal if he would play without me in the same room, but he is my shadow following me around and makes it hard to get stuff done.
The upside is he goes to bed early.
The other downside is, he get very mischievous when he needs a nap, so by 4 or 5pm he is into all kinds of trouble.

I wish it would warm up because not getting outside I think is part of the problem, but I am too chicken to spend anytime outside when it is windy and 28 degrees.
Temps in the 40's I can deal with, in the 50s is great, the 60's and above, wonderful, but anything below 40 is difficult, especially when it is paired with wind of any kind.

The only exception to my outside cold rule is when it is snowing, I love snow, but right now we have cold and no snow.

So now I have to find a way to get stuff done and spend quality time with Lance, especially since that was my new year's resolution.

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