Tuesday, January 05, 2010

how badly do we need a new window?

so much so that the plastic film we put up to keep the cold out has popped, twice!
The windows are old and need replacing.

Fortunately my mom gave me a gift card for Christmas so we could replace a window and with additional money from family we are getting a new front window!
Of course as luck would have it, we have to custom order one and it will two weeks to arrive, but today is the day I am going to order it.
The window film usually does a pretty good job insulating from the cold, but it has popped.  I thought at first it was the kids doing, but after putting up the film and noticing the next morning that it had come undone without the kids coming near it that it had to be the wind and not little hands. 
That is how bad out front window is, so much so that it can remove plastic film from adhesive.
I am hoping that the savings on our heating and cooling will allow us to purchase more windows.
1 down, 13 more to go!


Molly said...

while you're waiting to replace the other windows in the house...three words: energy efficient curtains. They were cheap at Ikea (they sell them at Target too), and I hung them 4" from the ceiling and long enough to actually touch the floor so they properly hold the heat in. They paid for themselves in a month, I was shocked.

Cindy said...

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