Monday, November 09, 2009

will i really. . .

look back at these days and miss them?
I was driving to Walmart this morning for groceries and was thinking of how others have been telling me that one day I will look back fondly of these days when the kids are this age and this period of my life and miss it.
"They," whoever that really is, says that your memory is selective and poor at best which would explain why I would look back at these days fondly.
After a night when Lily got up every 2 hours and a hectic morning of trying to get stuff done when all the kids wanted to do was trash the place doesn't make much of a case for this stage in life with high stress and personal time and space being extremely limited

But then the kids do something cute or sweet or just something that melts your heart and you never want them to grow older until they take the box of legos, dump them out on the floor and just walk away.

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