Sunday, November 08, 2009

we're under attack

Lance yelled for Jeff and told him that there was a wasp in Lily's room. 
Well one wasp multiplied into many in a matter of minutes. 
While Jeff was looking for something to kill the one wasp, I discovered an additional two wasps in the window and three or four trying to get in.  We looked in our bedroom window and discovered one wasp in that window.  We headed outside, Jeff out the back and the kids and I out the front and noticed that wasps were swarming the house, especially the north-west side of the house.  We went back in the house to discover that in Lily's room there were four wasps and in our bedroom window there were three, for a total of 7 wasps.  It is November, what on Earth?
Fortunately we have plastic on the windows to keep the cold air which kept the wasps from getting to us.  We had to help my mom with some yard work and when we returned I discovered that there are three wasps in each window now, so one somehow got away.
I used the google and discovered the wasp chaos was mating- great, more wasps, as if we don't already have a wasp problem.   Today's wasp invasion just gives me one more reason why we desperately need new windows.

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