Sunday, November 22, 2009

a night of fun

There is an artificial snow surface for snowboarding, skiing, and tubing near our house.  Jeff of course is always there to network and let people know about our store and all his time up there paid off.   We wanted to take Lance tubing so we headed up to the mountain (hill) and asked how much it would cost.  The girl at the front counter said 7 dollars an hour plus 5 dollars for the tube, which equates to 12 dollars an hour, a person.  Well even if we weren't poor, I was not about to pay 12 bucks for Lance to go tubing when he might only last 15 minutes, plus we knew Lance would not want to go by himself at first so we would need to purchase an hour for one of us, so that would be 24 dollars, way too much for tubing on a microscopic hill.  We were bummed.  We headed up to watch some snowboards and walk around the lodge.  They have been working on increasing the slope and Jeff wanted to see the improvements so he asked one of the employees he knows if we could walk up the hill in the gravel beside the slope, the employee said we could as long as we had signed waivers.  We headed down so I could sign the waiver and ran into a manager, Jeff was talking to them and explaining we came to go tubing, but couldn't afford the outrageous fee especially since we would only last about 15 minutes, well she helped us out and told the girl at the counter to give us a discounted rate.  So after climbing up the hill and enjoying the view of the city at night we got to go tubing.  It was so much fun.  Lance loved it, we threw Lily in a tube, she loved it, it was so much fun.  We went up and down for what seemed like forever and when everyone was tired we headed back home.  Well I am so thankful we got a deal on tubing because we only lasted 30 minutes.  It seemed so much longer than just 30 minutes, how do people last for an hour especially when you have to walk up a steep hill, it is cold outside, and you get a little wet while headed down?  So a good time was had by all and I hope that we can go again.

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