Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Lily, the adventurer

Lily is so different than Lance, she is my little adventurer. Sometimes a good thing, sometimes not.
I know that all children are different, and learned in Human Growth and Development that usually two siblings are polar opposites, but my children seem to be from different sides of the universe!
Lily can be a terror! She won't sit in a high chair, she hates to be put in her car seat. She never sits still. She is fearless. She is not afraid of strangers or new places and will walk away from me and doesn't care if I am no longer in sight (Lance always keeps me in view and freaks out if I am not). I thought girls were calmer, laid back, not mine. This morning at the library she was on a mission to pull off as many books off the shelves as humanly possible. In trying to escape from me she ran behind the circulation desk. She is a walking tornado destroying everything in her path. Yesterday afternoon there was a huge crane down the street moving a shed from the back of a truck to someone's yard. Lil' was constantly climbing out of the stroller, trying to walk into the road. and was generally all over the place. I hope this hyperactivity is just a stage and will pass because when she can't fit in the sling anymore I won't be able to take her anywhere in public. Speaking of sling, she is figuring out how to wiggle her way out of it. I wish I knew where she got all of her energy because I could really use some.

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sarah said...

So, how big does a little one need to be to be too big for a sling? And what kind of sling do you use? I've been borrowing a friend's hotsling and am thinking of buying one for myself (us), but it seems like my not-so-little guy may outgrow it soon.


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