Saturday, November 14, 2009

Free Friday Night Fun

We are always looking for something different and fun to do especially on weekend nights when it can be depressing to be sitting home alone.

Last night we took a chance on something fun and something free.
We went to the train station to see the Amtrak train arrive from D.C..  Though it may only be fun if you have a train fanatic in your family.
We hit the jackpot since we got to see the Amtrak arrive, but we also got to see a freight train with double high containers pass through, well actually some passed partially through, it was so long that when it stopped wherever it did, there were still cars in the station and as far as  you could see.

 (Lance and Jeff watching the Amtrak arriving into the station)

It was so cool to see the trains up close and to speculate what might be in the containers especially since the logos on the containers looked foreign.  There was one container that had something on it which we couldn't tell if it  was a design or letters.

The train station had something for everyone- Lance and Lily were fascinated with the trains and Jeff and I enjoyed people watching.  It was kind of like watching people at an airport, but not since we were outside and there were no planes.

While waiting for the train, we looked at the Amtrak map and dreamed about where we would like to visit via train.  The city's "nature center" is located in the train station so we had fun looking in the windows and watching the large lizard and possum in their cages.  

The only downside to our night out is that the kids went to bed much later than normal and unfortunately got up earlier then normal.  So our hour of fun last night, has left me with two grumpy, overly tired children today, but it was worth it, it was fun to dream about taking the train across the country, you know like back in the "old days"\

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