Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the facebook dilemma

 I like most people have a facebook account and I have a whole lot of friends, maybe not a whole lot to you, but a lot to me.
Some "friends" are people I went to high school with.
Some "friends" are family members.
Some "friends" are fellow bloggers.
Some "friends" are neighbors.
Some "friends" are people I have worked with at various jobs.
Some "friends" are students I taught or teachers I taught with.
Some "friends" are people I went to college with or met while I was in school.
Some "friends" are people I go to church with.
Some "friends" are people I use to go to church with.
Some "friends" are people I don't have a category for.
Some "friends" are people I see regularly and are my "real" friends.
Combined I have quite a few friends on facebook and because friends can read what you post and do I feel like I need to edit myself and I don't use facebook for all that facebook could be since all my so called "friends" would see, like my mom.
A friend of mine, she has a 100 friend rule and she edits her friends periodically because over 100 friends is too many friends and unnecessary for her.
I totally agree with her and want to do that, but I can't.  I think I have been wanting to edit friends for months, yet I still haven't.
There are quite a few students of mine I could edit and they would not know the difference, yet I find it interesting to see what they are doing every now and then especially now since they are graduating from college, getting married, having kids of their own, etc.
Also, there is a part of me that feels good having 300 friends, especially on days when I feel lonely or down, though I know not all of these 300 hundred friends are real friends, the numbers make me feel popular.
Then there is the nosy part of me that likes to see what is going on in other people's lives and wouldn't get to do that if i edited 2/3 of my friends, because most of my true friends don't post that often, what would i read?  where would i get my entertainment from?
Then there is the whole issue of hurting someone's feelings, if i un-friend  you then you might notice, be offended and for some people on my friend list this could blow up and get ugly.
So I am left with a dilemma, I don't want to miss out on the fun, but I would like to be more of myself and have some social networking freedom.  

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