Monday, August 31, 2009

crazy busy

Life has been crazy busy and it is just going to get crazier.
Lance and I are about to start new chapters of our lives, he is over-the-moon excited, I am terrified.
We are both starting school.
Next week Lance is starting preschool. I am so excited for him and he is super excited, every morning he wants to go out with the kids to ride the school bus. I have been explaining to him that he isn't going to ride the school bus, but he is still going to school, in which he exclaims, "ye-haw!" I hope that he will enjoy preschool and that school will help him develop his extremely limited vocabulary and become more verbal, having two non-verbal children is HARD and at times frustrating.
And I start school as well, graduate school. This week I start my first class, Research Methods and Application, doesn't sound that exciting, but it is a required class and I might as well get it over with so then I can take Emerging Infectious Diseases and Applied Genetics. I am afraid though, I just don't know if this brain of mine works in a student-learning way anymore, it feels pretty fried from lack of sleep through the years. I also worry about finding the time to work on school work and everything else in our busy schedule. I know that worrying isn't going to do any good, so I am trying not to think about it, but there are still butterflies in my stomach every time I think about class, fortunately it is only once a week, I can handle once a week.

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