Monday, July 13, 2009

trying to find a new normal

The past week, since we have returned from the beach, we have been trying to find a new normal. A new routine, it hasn't been easy.
Jeff gets up early like before and goes to his morning job and then he doesn't have any where to go in the afternoon since our new store location isn't ready yet.
He has lot of stuff to do, phone calls to make, websites to update, product to order, fixtures to design and build, and tons of paperwork.
After two days of being home and him trying to get things done in the dining room and in the playroom, we realized that until the new location is up and running, (early August), he needed a space that would not have to be moved for meals or playtime, so Lily's room has been turned into the new home of Scene 3 boardshop. We brought in an old desk my mom had in her basement, removed the changing table, and emptied Lily's bookcase. So now Lily's room is filled with skateboards, wheels, trucks, t-shirts, and all kinds of other product waiting for the new location to be up and running.
It has been nice having Jeff home a lot in the afternoons, but it is hard to keep the kids away, they want to be with him and playing with him and they aren't use to him being home, but busy.
So we are trying to find a new routine, a new normalcy in this in between weird time.

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