Thursday, July 16, 2009

a great big brother

When Lily first arrived on the scene Lance was such a great helper.
Lance also loved Lily.
Then Lily grew and was able to get into his toys and became a bit more demanding, and Lance wasn't much of a fan of his sister.
Fortunately the big brother, great helper is coming back.
Lily has discovered stair climbing. Lance never was much of a stair climber, but Lily is drawn to them like a moth to the flame. We have a gate at the top of the stairs, but not one at the bottom, yet. Anyways, Lance has become quite the good helper at telling us when Lily is starting to go up and with removing her from the stairs if she has already started. How he is able to pick her up and move her away is beyond me since they are very similar in size, but he does it without dropping her most of the time. Though it is a bit dangerous, I don't want to stop Lance because he is taking his Lily stair removal job very seriously and is being as gentle as he can, it is very sweet.
He also has taken on the job of helping Lily drink out of a sippy cup. He too takes this job very seriously as well. Lily tries to drink out of sippy cups, but she generally does not hold the cup high enough so Lance helps by holding the cup for her. This morning on our walk, he kept putting the cup up to her mouth and telling her to drink, very cute.
He also helped me change a dirty diaper, he got me the wipes and even helped wipe her, something he use to do when she was a newborn.
I am so thankful that is making an effort to be a helper because the trying to be a baby was not always fun.


Amy said...

Such a big guy. Just wait to he has something to say to those boys she brings home in her teen years.... I'll bet he helps you then too =)

Sarah said...

i never thought about her teen years, what a big help he will be!


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