Tuesday, June 16, 2009

glimpses of a rainy day

It was a pretty blah day. Cloudy and cool, a good day to spend in bed, though that is not possible to do with two kids. Today we hung around the house and rested, still recovering from vacation. I discovered Lance had tucked his trains underneath a pillow. I am not sure whether he was hiding them from Lily or just put them in their "home," either way it was too cute.
Lance's trains (from left to right) Gordon (the express), Henry (his newest from our trip north), Thomas (from Christmas), and Percy (his potty training reward).

Lance cheesing with his trains.

Lily showing off her newest trick- standing while clapping

So despite the blah day, we had a good time, hopefully tomorrow will have better weather and will get outside to play, it is summer after all.

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