Thursday, June 18, 2009

10 months

9 months to 10 months has been a busy month for the lily-bean
She has two front teeth
She can stand on her own and she can pull up into a standing position without assistant
She can walk with a little assistant- she isn't cruising on the furniture yet, but she is close
She is a great clapper, and is mastering waving good-bye
She also loves to dance and bob to the music
She makes all kinds of sounds, she is very vocal and it isn't just dadda
She plays with Lance, & it just melts my heart when they play together, usually it is very short lived, but I cherish the moment, no matter how fleeting it is
She is eating a lot more table food and loves to make a mess
She can climb stairs, yesterday she made it up 3, I grabbed her before she made it to step #4, she is fast and good, I was spoiled with Lance, he never climbed the stairs alone, but Lily, my little adventurer goes everywhere
She still does strange drag-a-leg crawl, but that is fine with me, it makes her a bit slower than the traditional crawl which makes my life easier
I am amazed at all the changes and a bit sad my baby is growing up so fast, her first year of life seems to be passing by so much faster than Lance's
Happy 10 Months Lily!
Ack! We are almost to 1 year!

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