Wednesday, May 06, 2009

keeping a positive attitude

to this whole potty training thing, amazingly.
Since it has been nothing but raining lately we have been working on potty training in the afternoons.
We have made absolutely no progress, but we try until we run out of underwear, pathetic I know, but I am not frustrated, I can laugh about it, and it will happen, it has to, right?
Yesterday was an awesome, rainy afternoon. Lance went down first, so I got to spend some alone time with Lily, then a wee bit of alone time for myself, then Lance woke up and we had some alone time, it was all good. So when he woke up from nap I gave him two options- underwear or diapers. He chose underwear. So thanks to my friend Meredith's suggestion we wore our underwear and every 30 minutes we would sit on the potty for 5-10 minutes, hoping and praying we would time it just right. Well we were hitting close to the 2 hour no pee mark and I was getting nervous. He had just sat on the potty for close to 10 minutes and my new sixth pee sense was telling me that at any second we were going to have action, but I hated for him to sit any longer with nothing so I let him go. I need to trust my new sixth sense, so far I have been able to predict 4 of the 5 accidents we have had, today I will trust myself. Lance walked into the playroom and walked out within minutes going with a large shout "OH!" You guessed, he finally went. I cleaned up and asked him which he wanted to wear, he chose underwear and he went off to play. We were close to the thirty minute mark and something told me we might need to try earlier, but once again I ignored my feelings and the next thing I know there is a puddle forming underneath Lance. We were out of clean underwear at this point so he had to return to diapers and yesterday was yet another day with no success. I wasn't as frustrated yesterday as I have been which is good, I just wish we could have one success, So despite no pee in the potty I think Lance is really starting to hate that wet underwear feeling which is some progress especially coming from the boy who would choose to stay in his diaper until it leaks out or his poopy diaper as long as possible. So despite no progress, I am not discouraged, this is good.

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