Saturday, May 09, 2009

the best day ever, at least in lance's opinion

If Lance could/would talk he would tell you that today was the best day ever.
This morning the four of us got going early and hit up some yard sales in hopes of finding some bicycles for Jeff to fix up and sell. I did not anticipate Lance's new found love for hitting up the yard sales.
As we were all getting out of the car at the first one I asked Lance what he was looking and he made his train sound and hand motion, so he had a mission, finding trains. The first one didn't have any, but the next one did and Lance was very excited. He found a Thomas the Tank Engine toy brand new, in the box which he just had to have. He fortunately did not see the ride-on Thomas train and track that was still in the box because if he would have, we would have never been able to tear him away and today would not have been the best day ever in his eyes. The next yard sale didn't have anything, but the following one had a "Christmas Express," which got him all excited because find the trains was becoming a game. As we were walking up to the next house we of course asked Lance if he thought we might find a train there, he nodded enthusiastically and started his search. He started getting excited and it took us forever to figure out what he was all excited about, he found a train, I couldn't believe it, this kid is good. I don't know how he saw it, but underneath a table and a good distance away was a small ceramic train pot and he immediately went nuts. The owners of the train pot were so taken aback with his enthusiasm and excitement they let him have it, just one more reason why today was a great day for Lance. We stopped by a couple more sales, but didn't really find anything noteworthy. At the first yard sale there were some bicycles, a little pricey, but we went back and made a deal and bought one of two. Jeff is hoping to be able to resell it for a bit more after tuning it up and replacing any needed parts, so this morning was a success, or hopefully will be for Jeff. We stopped by one more sale, but it didn't look too promising so I just jumped out of the car to quickly look around, Lance was so upset that he couldn't get out, he was really getting into this whole experience. We headed back home and played outside until it was time to head out for an elementary school carnival. I was excited Lance was finally old enough to go and have fun at an event like this. Lance loved playing the games and was so excited to win a goldfish. He insisted on carrying the goldfish around and right now it is on his bookcase beside his bed while he naps. We need to transfer it to a bowl, but I don't have any conditioner. I sure hope this goldfish lives longer than a few hours or days because he loves it! He named it moe-moe. He also got to try jump in one of those inflatable bouncer and loved it so much he would not get out. Fortunately the man working the bouncer let him stay in for a long time and made the bigger kids wait until he was out before letting them in so he had a blast. Lance also got to try cotton candy for the first time, my favorite carnival snack! After the carnival we headed home where he is now snoozing away probably dreaming of trains, inflatable bouncers, and cotton candy. I hope we can come up with something fun to do for dinner so the fun can continue.
I am so thankful that Jeff took off the morning so he could go with us because it would not be the same without him and I know that Lance really enjoyed having him with us. My mom always says when you kids are happy you are happy and when your kids are sad you are sad, I was reminded today, that is so true, I am so happy because today we gave Lance the best day ever.

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