Thursday, April 02, 2009

thankful today

the weather is funky again, i am tired of the rain and cold temperatures, i have a baby girl and I need warm weather so I can bust out all the cute dresses and outfits and show off some cute baby legs!
Today I am thankful for:
1- my need to be organized and keep things for a long time
since I keep everything longer than probably necessary- a trait I inherited from my mother who inherited it from her parents- actually made things a bit easier for Jeff who is doing our taxes. I was able to let him know exactly how much we have been paying in several categories which will hopefully allow us to not have to pay so darn much!
2- kraft food and family magazine
it has very simple and easy recipes that contain ingredients that I already have, can use for more than one recipe, and aren't that expensive
the food is easy to make because I don't have time to spend over 1 hour on prep for dinner
tonight's dinner is from the magazine- roasted chicken with cream cheese and rosemary underneath the skin to make it very moist and delicious
the recipes i find aren't as fancy as say everyday foods, but if lance will eat them, i will make them so then I don't have to fix something different for him
3- fresh baked chocolate chip cookies
thanks to martha stewart's everyday foods, I made some chocolate chip cookie dough, placed small portions in the freezer so whenever I need a fix I pull a few out and bake- yummy
4- quicken
it has helped us immensely we know how much money we have, where all the money went, and we, i just wish we had a little more money to manage
5- cordless telephones- i would never talk on the phone if I didn't have a cordless phone
6- my DVR- skip through commercials, keep up with tv shows without having to stay up late, have something decent to show Lance when he needs to chill out, and have something to watch when all i want to do is watch
7- claritin being over the counter- we can seek relief without going to the doctor! need i say more
8- mechanical pencils- pencil sharpeners are messy and I don't currently have one and I prefer to write in pencil sometimes
9- crate and barrel- their products are bright and cheery and many of their kitchen gadgets aren't too expensive
10- kitchen gadgets- i love my stoneware, spatulas, ice cream maker, mixer, bread maker, etc, it just makes cooking fun

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