Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Quite a snotty weekend

alternative title: longest post ever

First it was Lily, then Lance, and now me, we are all suffering from too much snot otherwise known as a really bad cold. I am not surprised to catch a cold during a week that had a record low as well as a record high. Going from 9 degrees to 80 can cause havoc on the sinuses. Despite the coughing, sneezing, runny nose, water eyes, and just feeling bad we had a nice weekend, we got outside and enjoyed the warm weather, and got some stuff done (at least on Saturday).
Friday afternoon neither child felt like napping so we hit the playground and enjoyed the beginning of a warm weekend. It was so nice to be outside and not have to be bundled up. Lily wasn’t feeling well, but I thought it may be due to teething, little did I know it was a nasty cold that would hit Lance and I later.

(the kiddos enjoying the 70 degree weather on saturday)

Saturday morning both children woke up snotty and coughing. I felt so bad, they were quite pitiful, but they did improve as the morning wore on. We badly needed groceries so my mom came over to watch the kiddos so I wouldn’t have to drag the sick kids with me to the store. After planning my week’s menu, making my list, and finding coupons I hit the store, it was so strange going solo, I kept thinking I was forgetting something. It was a good thing though I went solo because there was no room in the cart for kiddos, I bough way too much food, but we got to eat. After putting the groceries away and eating lunch Lance and I played outside while Mom stayed inside and listened for Lily to wake up from nap. Once Lily woke up we set off on a walk, it was too nice of a day to stay inside and walking wouldn’t overexert my sick children, though at this point they weren’t really that bad. The walk was so nice, it was warm and the neighborhood we walked in is quiet with beautiful houses to admire. Lance fell asleep during the walk and slept a little bit more when we got home, but he started coughing badly and didn’t get a good nap in, day 2 of no good nap for Lance. The kids and I played outside some more and then Jeff got home and we made dinner. Despite some runny noses and coughing, it was a beautiful, nice day out and we enjoyed every moment.

(lily showing off one of her new spring dresses, i love seeing all that skin!)

Sunday I was suppose to go out-of-town shopping with a friend, but Lily and Lance had been running a fever on and off and with their colds, the time change, and the weather being beautiful I didn’t go. Since the kids had runny noses, bad coughs, and on-again-off-again fevers the kids and I skipped church and went for a walk instead.

It was once again a beautiful warm day. Lance once again fell asleep on the way back and got a small nap in, but not the kind that he needed, day 3 of no good nap for Lance. Both kiddos were awake when Jeff got home from church so we were able to have a picnic in the front yard.

After the picnic, Jeff and Lance worked on Jeff’s bicycle and Lily and I played in the yard. Lily then took a nap while Jeff and Lance took a short bike ride, I was starting to feel cold symptoms coming on so I tried to sleep, but not being a napper I basically just read for an hour. When Lily woke up we put both kids in the trailer and rode our bikes down the park in hopes of seeing a train on the trestle.

Unfortunately, no train came through, but it was outing. I hadn’t been on a bike in 2 years and it was also Lily’s first bike ride, we didn’t know how she would like it. She did pretty good considering she didn’t feel that great. The afternoon was great, but that evening was rough. Both kids seemed to feel horrible in the morning and at night and this night was the worst. Both kids were up multiple times and Sunday night seemed like the longest night ever.

Monday morning, all three of us felt miserable, but fortunately Jeff was still healthy. Jeff planned to take Monday off to go snowboarding, but since we were all sick and the weather was nice and warm he stayed at home with us. Monday seemed to be the worse day for the cold for both kids and though I have felt worse I didn’t feel very good either. We just hung around the house in the morning and then had lunch. While we were eating lunch the UPS man arrived with my FLOR, so we had a good time putting the new rug together. (should note:After playing around with carpet squares both kiddos took a nap while Jeff ran errands. Lance slept like a log, but Lily was very fidgety and would only sleep if I held her so nap time yesterday was unproductive. After both kids got up we went for another walk to enjoy the last of the really warm weather since it is suppose to get colder this week. When we got home I was able to cook dinner without having both kids underfoot since Jeff was playing with them outside, yeah for me! After dinner we played hide-and-seek until it was dark, it was so nice to outside.

Despite not feeling the best the weekend was overall enjoyable. I got a menu planned, groceries bought, and some laundry done so it was productive. I can't wait for spring to be here and stay, I love spring and summer!

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