Monday, March 30, 2009

he almost burnt the house down

to keep me humble I will share my embarrassing, crazy, unbelievable, almost burnt the house down story (also another reason why today, i don't want to have any more children since I can barely manage two):
lance loves to cook and bake.
today we decided to make cookies since lily is sick and we couldn't go to small group this morning.
we made the dough, put a few cookies in the oven, set the timer and went to play while the cookies baked.
I fed lily in the playroom while lance was playing in the living room.
I finished feeding lily and went to check on the cookies, the timer hadn't gone off yet, and they were no where close to being done so I went back to the playroom to finish what I was doing on the computer.
I heard the timer go off then heard lance in the kitchen, shouted to lance that the cookies weren't done and we needed to give them a few more minutes to finish baking.
A few minutes goes by, lance comes in the playroom and points towards the kitchen (moment like this i wish he could talk).
I say "yeah the cookies are probably done now" and get up and head to the kitchen.
I walk into the dining room and see upon the floor my oven mitt with flames on it.
I immediately repeatedly shouting "oh my God", and tried stamping it out, but it was still on fire, so I picked it up and threw it in the sink and turned on the water.
The oven mitt released tons of smoke and lance points to smoke say "ohhhhhh," very exciting stuff for an almost 3 year old. He sensed that he might be in trouble, but I was too shocked to be angry and stunned that he was capable of everything to get angry, I learned my lesson and I could tell he had too.
should note: I was holding Lily during all the commotion and most importantly:
Amazingly NO ONE GOT HURT!
this is what i figure went down:
Lance heard timer go off, went to check on cookies
He really wanted cookies and somehow got the oven door open
with oven door open, pot holder was easy to reach since it was on the oven handle
he must have tried to get cookies out himself with the oven mitt
the oven mitt must have fallen on the element and caught on fire
lance somehow got oven mitt out and tried to take it to me, dropped it on dining room floor and came to get me to show me what had happened
Lance is fine, house didn't catch on fire, cookies were delicious, however the oven mitt was destroyed and there is a small burn mark on the hardwood floor that will be a reminder forever on the incident.
crazy thing, this all went down in a very short amount of time, around 5 minutes.

here is the oven mitt
the scary thing is how fast the oven mitt caught on fire because the time from when I checked on the cookies till the mitt was on fire was very short, yet it looks like it is pretty well charred

and here is the burn mark on the floor:

lesson learned, keep oven mitts out of reach, don't trust lance with oven and make sure to teach him that the oven is dangerous and not for him to use. so there is my very humbling story. I am extremely thankful that no one was hurt and I am in awe over what lance thinks and does. sometimes I wish I could get a glimpse of what he thinks about and his rationale for things he does. so today was very humbling and I definitely won the award for worst mom of the day today.

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