Tuesday, February 17, 2009

trying to get back into the swing of things

I am so excited that I don't have swim practice at the end of the evening anymore, it is so freeing! I needed to go to the grocery store this morning and I was overwhelmed trying to decide what to buy. For the last six months our dinners have been casseroles, one dish meals, and anything that can be made easily and reheated by Jeff, but now that I don't have to be gone for dinner, my options are endless! There are so many things I have been waiting to make, a recipe for shrimp scampi, pork tenderloin, a tilipia recipe from my mom, marinated chicken on the grill, chicken parmesan, and so much more. I lost a little too much weight during the swim season, when I am stressed I don't eat, and so I hope that I can get back to my ideal weight and enjoy cooking and eating once again. For me, the weight loss is one more reason I don't want to do swimming again. I will miss the extra money from the paycheck, but not the stress, drama, lack of time, and everything else that came with swimming, I felt bad, I didn't have a lot of time for lance and lily and was always trying to get everything done I never could just stop and enjoy the moment. Ah, the weight has been lifted and hopefully I earned enough for my dyson vacuum and maybe some Flor carpet squares, we will see in a week and half. Well both kiddos are up and I should seize the moment.

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