Saturday, February 14, 2009


I have made it to the halfway point. Hurray!
Only a day and a half left, hurray!!
These is a lot harder than I thought it would be.
Lots of sitting around and waiting, actually more like standing around and waiting.
VERY LONG DAYS! we get going at 7:30 am and get to the pool around 8:30-9 then the prelims begin at 11. Prelims end around 1 and we head back to the hotel and have lunch and rest. We head back to the pool around 5:30 for warmups and the finals start at 7 and end around 9. At nine we get dinner and head are done for the night around 11. It has been rough.
Lily's schedule is completely off and I am exhausted.
Only a day and a half left, I can do it.
As though I have a choice.

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Amy said...

Hahaha. Glad to know the coaches feel the same way as the parents do sometimes =). Keep it up girl. Your Dyson is calling your name. Not to mention all the parents (like me) who are indebted to you for all you do for the people you coach.


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