Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the downside to solids

warning: this not to be viewed for the faint of stomach or anyone thinking about eating anything like pudding or yogurt or anything semi-solid for awhile.

The downside to solids:

We have been kind of playing around with cereal every now and then since Christmas, but on Sunday we tried bananas for the first time and have been eating them for the last couple of days.
Well today I was messing around with the computer and I smelled a poopy diaper. I naturally thought that Lance was the culprit, but he was empty so I picked Lily up out of her Boppy chair and that is when I was horrified to discover something escaping out her diaper.
Lily's first ever almost solid, stinky, eating solid food poop!

It was gross and so thick. TMI! well i thought what we had here was a case of blow it all out the back, leave nothing in the diaper. Oh boy, was I ever wrong.

Her diaper was full. I don't know how I missed this expolsion in the making because it had to be loud and forceful.
she looks so innocent.
this picture was taken by my lovely assistant Lance, who carried help carry fresh clothes upstairs and helped bathe the yucky lily. (why the angle is from below)
lance checking out the scene
practically all the way up to her shoulder blades. after getting off as much as I could we went upstairs and took a bath. lily had poop in her hair, on her calf, and obviously her back and butt. adventures in motherhood, definitely today! i feel like i need to go shower now or at least wash my hands a thousand times.


Randi said...

Oh man...even though it's gross, it gave me a good laugh! Those diaper blow outs, gotta love em.

Only a mom would want pictures of such a crime scene for blogging material. I love it!

donna said...

I totally love that you stopped to take pictures of it. I would do something like that.


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