Monday, February 23, 2009

6 months of lily and some randomness

Last week Lily turned six months. Though it is so cliche, but really, where on earth has the time gone? It feels like she just arrived a month ago. She is growing up so fast.
(playing in her tunnel with lance)

She can sit up on her own now which makes things very nice! I can put her on the floor, surround her with toys, and she is content for bit, YEAH!
(showing off her sitting up skills)

She is starting solids. Lance loves to feed her though he doesn't always get her mouth. She had a very mixed reaction to bananas yesterday. She gave the full range of facial expressions, everything from joy and excitement to disgust and a gag here and there, it was quite amusing.
(showing off her snorty face between bites of cereal)

She is getting her own personality. I love this age and I am so thankful that swimming is done so I can spend more time enjoying her instead of running around like a crazy person (which I was doing before).

I have been really enjoying the extra time I have now that swimming is finished. Last Friday the kiddos and I were playing with Tinker Toys and Lance, loving all things that go, requested a helicopter. It took 20 minutes to make and since I worked so hard I took a picture of it.
Unfortunately, my work was destroyed about 15 seconds after I took the picture. I was quite proud of myself and showed my work to Jeff at dinner, which he of course had to point out that it was missing a rear rotor. Thanks for taking me down a notch there Jeffrey. Maybe next time I will get it right.

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Amy said...

Wow. She and my Cooper must have been born the same week. He's August 15th. Sitting up is very wobbly - just on the brink. I was thinking of making some bananas this week - very timely post! Last week of swimming for us too. Hooray.


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