Monday, January 12, 2009

oh my thighs

My body hurts.
I am so sore.
I am trying to avoid stairs, reaching down to pick things up, standing up, well all around moving.
Actually I am trying to rid my poor muscles of the lactic acid that was built up from this weekend when a few exercises literally kicked my butt.
Part of my job as assistant swim coach is to plan and coordinate dry land exercises to increase strength and balance focusing on the core muscles to help the swimmers in the water. (doesn't that sound fancy?)
Anyways, swim started on Saturday and I had researched and found some new exercises to try out and get the swimmers back in shape after their long winter break. And two exercises in particular really killed me, okay kill is the wrong descriptive word, more like opened my eyes as to how out of shape I am. The one exercise that has caused me to rethink how many trips upstairs I will go today is a reverse squat (without weights) and boy, my thighs hurt, it was simple, we only did 10 reps, but it was quite effective. We also did "plank up" which was difficult, but much better than a regular push-up. Despite feeling sore today I hope that I will continue to get into shape because I know in the long run it is better for me. I am no couch potato, but I don't exercise as much as I should.

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