Saturday, January 03, 2009

a little bit of money

Sometimes I am neurotic.
I have been complaining about wanting a nice fleece for days like today when it isn't freezing cold, but you need a light jacket. A nice fleece that would be windproof is quite expensive.
Jeff has started buying bikes from the Goodwill and fixing them up and reselling them. He recently sold one for 300 dollars. He said I could use the money to buy a nice fleece, but the gears in my head started to turn.
With $300 I could:
-save a little more and buy a dyson vacuum (I am on my 3rd vacuum, though my vacuums are hand-me-downs)
-buy Flor for our living room, our rug has seen better days (and carpet squares would be awesome to clean up messes)
-buy a new replacement window (one window at a time)
-put it in savings for a rainy day
-pay off two credit cards
-pay bills so the store won't have to pay us as much
and the list of things could go on and on.
Despite the fleece being the first idea, it would only benefit me, whereas the other items on my list would benefit the whole family. Jeff gets kind of frustrated with me because I will never buy anything for myself, but yet I will complain about not having anything nice, but I can't rationalize spending anything over $20 for myself when I can use the money in so many other ways.
What will probably happen to the extra money is what happens to all extra money, get spent on bills, not exciting, but maybe one day we won't be treading water.

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35 and holding said...

ok, the comment from the one who lives in fantasy land with money would be to compromise and buy a less expensive fleece/jacket for yourself. Burlington has some good deals. I am not 100% sure what you are looking for though. Then use the rest for something more useful. I had been in a bad habit of buying only cheap shoes and recently splurged on a nice pair of real leather shoes and boy what a difference. My feet thank me for it everyday i wear them!!


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