Tuesday, January 13, 2009

can we get some snow here, please?

it is cold enough
but unfortunately it is not snowing and I am starting to think it never will.
what happened to that cold weather and snow we got back in December? okay, cold weather yes, snow, dusting, but for the beginning of December it was pretty exciting!
can it please snow here and i mean SNOW, like inches not centimeters.
everyone around here kept saying this winter was going to be bad, lots of snow, really cold temperatures, a winter like when we were kids, so far it hasn't panned out that way, bummer.
I know winter still has time, but once March hits I am ready for spring, heck, halfway through February I am ready for spring.
A good snow day would be a lot of fun, especially this week with my crazy two practices a day swimming. I feel like I am living at the pool. Don't let me agree to do swim team again next year, the money isn't worth the trouble, well the drama. In two weeks when I get a large paycheck I might change my waver on my no more swimming, then again I might not.
I do have to say Lily has been awesome so far these last four days of living at the pool. She is content walking all around PER (physical education and recreation building) especially at 8 pm when all she wants to do is go to sleep in her bed. Lance too has been a trooper being shuttled here and there between the school, grandma's, the store, and home. I am thankful that so far the week is running smoothly and hopefully it will be over soon. Three and half days down, 3 days to go!

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