Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 here we come

So today is the first day of the new year, a fresh start.
I am always a little sad to let go of the previous year, I guess because every year is farther away from memories and people. 2008 was the year of Lily and though I don't know what the future holds, she may be my last baby and that is kind of sad. Also, it will be 7 years this February when we lost my grandfather, Pop, and every year is more distance away from him, I miss him so much and wish he was hear to celebrate all of life's moments, he loved to celebrate. Also, every year we are getting older and time just seems to fly by so quickly.
Okay, my new year's resolutions:
1- make it more of a priority to spend some time alone, a quiet time every day, it may mean getting up earlier
2- save more money, starting a retirement account and having emergency money in a savings account
3- get out of debt, we made progress in 2007, but we still have a ways to go
4- be less busy and be more intentional about spending special time with lance and lily individually
5- give more away, time, things, money, whatever, but give more
6- learn to let go, if the house isn't perfect it is okay, life is about relationships and I need to let go
on that note, I am off to play with lance

as I am trying to organize the playroom/guest room/office/extra bedroom I realized another resolution:
7- I will update Lance and Lily's baby books, get photos into albums, make photo books and get organized, I am so way behind

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