Friday, December 26, 2008

growing up too fast

I feel like I am always lamenting on how fast my babies are growing up, but they are! Today was a sad day, we packed up the bassinet and have moved Lily to her crib. It is just one of many steps away from newborn to independent child that make me a little sad. Jeff and I both commented on how we were putting away the bassinet and may not ever get it back out again since Lily may be our last. With Lance I was excited for him to grow up, but Lily I want to keep her little forever, especially since she is such an easy baby, I hate to lose this stage. I also feel bad because I don't think I always have time to enjoy her because there is housework, Lance, my job, Jeff, family, friends. I know that I take her for granted and don't give her tons of attention, but I am so thankful for her and hope that I will be able to make more of a point to spend time with her and enjoy every moment before she is grown and its too late. Though she is in a crib and not right beside the bed, she isn't too far. Her bedroom is downstairs, in the coldest room of the house and I don't feel comfortable with her being so far away and in a cold room so we have moved her crib upstairs. We had a hard time trying to figure out where to put her crib, whether in Lance's room or ours and ours seemed to make the most sense because we didn't want the kiddos to disturb each other's sleep. So Lily has graduated to her crib, but fortunately she is too little to be on her own so she is in our room, which makes things not that hard. If moving her to her crib from the bassinet is this hard, I can't imagine how difficult it will be to move her from the crib to the bed, fortunately that is a ways off.
Also on a sad note, we undecorated the Christmas tree. I usually take down the tree and decorations on New Year's but unfortunately our tree stopped drinking water about a week and half ago and was very dry, losing tons of needles, and it was a FIRE hazard, and since we don't want to lose our house so the tree came down, sad, but we also could use the space the tree was taking up because we have a small living room and need every inch of room we can get. So despite the saddest I am excited to get the house back to normal because I have had the hardest time trying to keep things organized and clean. I have almost finished our room, one room down, 9 more to go.

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