Wednesday, November 05, 2008

i didn't stay up last night

I couldn't stay awake to see who won the presidential election- I tried, but my eyes would not stay open. This morning I snuck a peek on to see who won while I was feeding Lily at 5:30 instead of waiting for the Today show at 7. When I went to bed Obama was ahead, but not by much and it was still too early to call it one way or another. This morning I am excited that we will be making history by having the first African-American president, it is about time we have a minority as President. Him and John McCain brought an excitement back to politics (sometimes a little too much excitement) that I hope won't end with the election. I hope that Obama will really change this country for the good and I hope the negative things that have been said are not true. I am shocked though at how negative John McCain supporters are being especially on facebook, it isn't the end of the world. I am shocked that some people have lost sight that God's will is in the election and the candidate He wanted won. Also, how God's love and acceptance of people seemed to have flown out the window. I have read and heard so much hate coming from "Christians," over this election season it has really brought out the worst in some people. I hope that we can all move forward and not forget to love others and not judge them.

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35 & holding said...

OMG! Did you write that just for me??? I need to quote you in my blog, or post a link or something. Well said!!


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