Wednesday, July 02, 2008

vacation pics

We had such a great time at the beach, I want to go back. We took tons of pictures too, but here are a few of my favorites:

This is Lance's first encounter with the water. He loved the beach last year, but we didn't know what he would make of it this year. He loved it! He would run in and out of the water constantly and he still had a hard time standing up when the water was rushing back, he often would lose his balance, but he got a lot better as the week went on.

My mom bought him that yellow shovel and it was his favorite thing, he took it everywhere with him. He had a hand on it at all times as you can see.

He would even take it out in the water with him, I was worried a few times we might lose it especially when he insisted on holding it when we would carry him out into a little deeper water.

Lance and I sat on the sand waiting for the water to splash over us, we had to keep getting closer and closer though we originally sat down on the water line, but the tide must have been going out. It was a lot of fun waiting for the water to hit us and it felt nice when the water did get to us, but it wasn't worth all the effort it took to get the sand out of my bathing suit later though I would probably do it again.

We stopped by UNC Wilmington where I went to school. I was so amazed by how different it was, I hardly recognized the place, there are so many new buildings that weren't around when I was there and the landscaping has grown so much, it was familiar yet foreign. We took pictures at the clock tower since that was the gift my graduating class gave to the school

It is kind of a tradition for us when we are somewhere special to do a hold the camera picture so this is our family hold the camera portrait on our last night at the beach. We were on the top porch enjoying our last night at the beach.

We tried getting a family shadow picture, but Lance wasn't really cooperating, but this picture turned out neat anyways. We each had our current signature item, Lance his shovel, me my belly and Jeff his coffee cup.

This picture makes me sad. It is Lance enjoying the beach one last time before we headed out. He is still in his pjs because we knew he would get wet and couldn't resist getting in the water a little bit. Of course he has with him his trusty shovel.

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Randi said...

I am loving the belly! You look wonderful!

The pics are GREAT and make me want to go to the beach right now! I heart the beach!


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