Thursday, July 03, 2008

bad news

Not just one set of bad news did I get this morning, but two. Nothing earth shattering, but still upsetting. First I had a doctor's appointment this morning everything was fine, bad news: my doctor will be on vacation the first two weeks of August- when I will be 39 and 40 weeks, go figure. I knew that the chances of him delivering Lily were slim, but it stinks that the last two weeks of my pregnancy I will have to see unfamiliar doctors that I haven't seen before especially when I might have to consider induction and other late pregnancy stuff. My doctor was on vacation when I was 40 weeks with Lance and it was not good. One doctor I saw stripped my membranes without my permission which hurt like heck and did nothing except make me incredibly uncomfortable for days and another told me all of the dangers of induction and not being induced and then asked me what I wanted to do without their input when all I really wanted to know what is best for me and my baby. I am disappointed that my doctor will be touring Yellowstone and not even on this side of the country when I have the highest probability of going into labor. It stinks. The second set of bad news came from a doctor as well: Lance's doctor. Lance has had a runny nose and a cough for over three weeks now. I called the doctor to see if I should be concerned since it didn't seem to be going away. Fortunately I didn't have to take Lance in to see the doctor we just talked on the phone and his prognosis: Lance has inherited my allergies. One of the things I was really hoping he would not inherit from me. He said that he thought allergies and not a cold was the culprit since it has been 3 weeks, he never had a fever, doesn't really feel bad, and I have allergies. So we got some allergy medicine and hopefully will notice a difference. On the positive side at least good allergy medicine is over the counter now which makes it a lot easier to get and there tons of coupons out there.
So though I am upset that Lance at two is going to have to start taking allergy medicine and my prayer of having my doctor deliver Lily might not happen I am handling things pretty good, only cried for a second when I saw Jeff. Who knows what the future may hold, I may be two weeks late again with Lily or two weeks early. With this baby being the last I am kind of hoping that my doctor will be there, but I am trying to not get my hopes up.

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