Wednesday, March 12, 2008

i feel like such a wimp

Last night it happened again, lance pooped in the tub, not on my watch I should mention. Jeff was giving lance a bath and I was on the phone with a friend when Jeff yelled for help. I went upstairs to see the problem and after taking one look at the floating log I ran out of the bathroom and tried my best to keep the chicken tacos down. I grabbed Lance while Jeff cleaned up the poop. I feel like such a wimp, I couldn't help clean up the tub without dry heaving. One thing I don't fully understand is why Jeff didn't notice lance pooping (especially one this size) and why he didn't immediately transfer him to the toilet that was inches away when he did notice something. I really shouldn't be critical, I didn't clean it up (I did spray everything with bleach afterwards). This morning lance had a dirty diaper and once again I am dry heaving while trying to change it. I can't get over how easily I will gag/heave and how lance's diapers turn my stomach (and they aren't even gross!), I have never been this sensitive before. Even talking about certain topics make me gag, ahhhh, when is this going to end??? Okay, I can answer my own question- in 4 to 5 months.
On a totally different front: I am starting to enjoy the change in time and more evening daylight. After dinner last night we went for a walk though it was chilly it was nice to get out and do something instead of just try and keep Jeff from turning on the tv and not playing with Lance.

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