Friday, December 28, 2007

we survived!

Despite my all day yuck, we made it through Christmas and were able to actually enjoy it. In years past we have gone back and forth between both families in one day which made for a crazy day, but this year we hit Jeff's parents on Christmas Eve and were able to relax and take things easy on Christmas day, it was so nice.
Monday evening we got to Jeff's parents house and opened gifts and talked for a couple of hours and then we realized it was dinnertime and since we didn't plan ahead we needed to go out and find some food. Jeff and his dad headed into town (Jeff's parents live in the country and they went to the little town closest to their house). They missed the grocery stores by 5 minutes and the only place they could find open (not a lot of options) was Subway which turned out great for me because right now a lot of food is not ideal and a sandwich was perfect. We headed home around 8, so we ended up staying out at their house for almost 4 hours (a record for us, we never get out to see them nor stay that long) and got Lance to bed. We had planned to start breakfast/presents at my mom's house later than usual and were looking forward to sleeping in (since Lance's isn't at the age where he wakes up super early in anticipation, or so we thought).
So we went to bed and looked forward to the relaxing late morning ahead. 6:45 a.m., lance is up and ready for the day. Somehow he got the memo that children are suppose to get up early Christmas morning. Lance usually gets up around 7:30 and we can usually convince him to hang out in bed till 8, but this morning, he was ready to go. We decided to open a present each and Lance opened his Little People Airport. He was so slow and methodical opening his present, he would tear some paper off, hand it to me, tear some more, hand it to me, look at the box, tear, repeat. We set the airport up for him and he loved playing with his new toy. I finished wrapping some gifts while Jeff got ready. Once we were all ready we headed over to my mom's house. We usually open presents and then eat breakfast, but with my eating/food issues we ate breakfast first. We then finally began opening presents and 2.5 hours later we were finished. Unwrapping presents is a big deal in our family, we open them one at a time and enjoy them before the next person goes and with Jeff, Lance, my mom, my aunt and uncle, my grandma, my sister and her husband, and myself, it is a long process, but it is how we have always done it and it gives you time to enjoy each gift. We then packed up a few presents and headed home for nap time. After nap we went for a walk and then it was time to head back to my mom's for dinner (my mom only lives 5-10 minutes away so going back and forth isn't a big deal). It was so nice not to have to rush here and there like we normally do and be able to just hang out at home. I gave Jeff the ipod touch for Christmas as well as some other little things. He gave me a DVR, and I am excited to be able to record tv shows and not have to worry about missing anything or fighting with Jeff on what to watch. I also got a new pair of acorn slippers, mine were falling apart and in the winter I live in them. Lance got so many new toys we need a bigger house or at least a toy box! He loved Christmas and wanted to play with every toy before opening another. Christmas was so much fun now that Lance is older and I can't wait until next year because I know it will be even better!
Wednesday morning as a tradition my mom, aunt, and sister and I hit Target and Hallmark for after Christmas sales. I got some more photo cards, wrapping paper, tags, towels, and placemats for next year. I didn't think I would be going this here because I haven't been feeling very good in the morning, but I woke up that morning feeling pretty good and I actually had a pretty good day. After shopping we dropped lance off at my mom's I helped Jeff at the shop. He was pretty busy and we had a good day even with 1000 dollars in redeemed gift certificates. Gift certificates are suppose to be wonderful for retailers because a good percentage never get redeemed, but I don't think those statistics apply to skater kids, they always use them. Also so many of the kids who came in had wads of cash, i asked a couple of them if I could join there family because I would like the Christmas money that they got.
Despite my moments of feeling gross it was a great holiday and a lot of fun.

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