Monday, December 10, 2007

drive-thru nativity and global warming

Lance is really into Christmas lights this year so we are driving everywhere for his enjoyment. Friday night we drove by a couple of houses in town with lots of lights and we did a drive-thru nativity at a church near our house. I thought Lance would love the animals that they had, but we wasn't too impressed, I guess it wasn't flashy enough for him. Saturday night we drove 30 minutes to a smaller to drive through an old folks home that does tons and tons of lights. Lance was in awe, as the picture below illustrates.
He was in the front seat with me and hanging out the window. He did not make a sound or turn his head away at all. On the way back we went through a really, really expensive neighborhood and I was amazed at all of the decorations they had (around here the wealthy homes usually have low-key decorations). This neighborhood had million dollar houses in it that were less than 5 years old and I was quite surprised to see all of the tacky decorations they had. The houses weren't that attract and it seems as though "keeping up with the Jones" is their theme. I know the houses were really nice and expensive, but I won't want to live there. Someone once said, money doesn't buy taste, and though I don't want to be judgemental, but it rang true for this neighborhood. We also drove by this tiny house that has a ridiculous number of decorations, they start putting them up in October and it never ceases to amaze me how they can cram so much stuff in one little yard. I don't know how, but we managed to miss the house on the way out, but we definitely looked on the way back. Also on the way back we stopped at another drive-thru nativity. We then decided we were going to hit as many as we could this Christmas season. So far the light count is 3 extremely light houses, 2 drive-thru nativities, 1 elks home, and 1 tacky rich neighborhood. Sunday was pretty low key, went to chruch, Lance took a nap, went to the park to play, and dinner. We finished the night with friends watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, always a Christmas classic.
Today Lance and I have been enjoying the benefits of global warming: 70 degree temperatures in December- I could get use to this. We ran some errands this morning, played outside, raked and played in the leaves, read some books, and now he is napping. I have tons to get done, but lack the motivation to do anything, I just want to sit outside and enjoy the warm weather. I love not having to bundle up and wear tons of clothes in order to be warm. I hate being cold and our house since it is older doesn't do the greatest job staying warm, we always have to the have the electric heater going. After nap we are going to hit the park and make use to every minute of this wonderful weather because I know it won't last long. It is hard to believe it was snowing last Wednesday, man how times change.

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