Thursday, December 20, 2007

descriptive word of the week: yuckiness

This whole all day yuck, sucks, and I am so over it. I really shouldn't be complaining too much because I did have a big, yummy lunch and feel pretty decent at the moment, probably why I am able to type, but I have felt so yucky all week. My food aversions are so strong that just thinking about certain foods make me nearly gag, happy thought, happy thought. I did get some Christmas shopping done this morning, but I am not excited about what I have bought for Jeff, nothing is really exciting, he is so hard to shop for. I am very disappointed in myself, I haven't done any baking, finally got some stuff for Jeff, the house is a mess, and I am too tired/overwhelmed to get anything accomplished, I feel like a lost cause. Okay, enough complaining, something positive. . . despite diving off of our bed onto the hardwood floor Lance is okay. Yesterday, we were cleaning out my closet and Lance was on the bed and for some reason he dove off of it. It was one of those slow motion events where you can't move fast enough, I thought for sure that he was going to break his neck, but fortunately he was okay, it was scary, and I am so thankful he is okay. Speaking of thankful
1- for cash to go out to lunch because restaurant food is more appealing to something I would cook
2- that i like ice cream, when I was pregnant with lance I couldn't stand ice cream
3- for a morning to get my hair done- when my hair looks good I feel good
4- Target, where did I shop for detergent and toys before there was Target?\
5- my mom babysitting so I can go shopping without lance underfoot or grabbing at everything

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