Sunday, November 04, 2007

why I hate daylight savings time

It is 6:30 and Lance is ready to go for the day and it is still pretty dark out. I can't blame him, I was awake to and ready for the day at 6, this is going to be a long winter if this keeps up.
So today is Sunday, all the running all over town for supplies is over. Today is a celebration service as church and we are expecting lots of new people and new kids. Since we don't have a children's service this Sunday we wanted to have quiet activities they could play with during the service so the last three or four days I have been running all over the place looking/buying/returning/buying all kind of games/coloring books/puzzles/etc. It has been extremely stressful trying to figure out what activities kids would enjoy, not fight over, stay relatively quiet, not have a lot of pieces, won't be messy, and also the best deal for the money. In the process, I did find some things that I want to buy for Lance for Christmas and I was very good about looking without buying. Also I learned that if you are pregnant then Target is the place to be on a Friday night, there were so many pregnant people you would think they were having a special sale or something, but it was just an ordinary Friday night. We also just got a new craft store which I checked out, wasn't impressed. It was so bright, the shelves weren't very high so I felt very exposed, and it just felt empty and very not creative. I get frustrated because we keep getting new stores, but they are more of the same, why can't we get something new like a Fresh Market? that's different. I also sat and began organizing the bills for this month, we are almost caught up, praise God. We also have almost made it a month with no overdraft fees! I am embarrassed to admit we got overdraft fees, but the problem was we would spend the money, put in money to cover the expenses and like all good banks, charges go through faster than credits, we should have disputed a few, but I thought it would force me to keep better track and thanks to Quicken it has! (actually thanks to Andy Stanley's take it to the limit series that convicted me to use Quicken). So we still have very little money, but I think we are in better control of it and with the grace of God, we may get a handle on things, we had two really good days at the shop, and I pray slowly but surely we can get out of debt and use money wisely.

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