Friday, November 16, 2007

we had a morning

Jeff decided to take the morning off and I am so thankful he did. All three of us slept in, I don't think I have slept past 8 am in a very long time. Since Jeff wasn't headed anywhere I was able to clean my bathroom- it was nasty- and take a shower all by myself! We then headed to the mall because I really wanted to go to the gap and see if they had any nice clothes for lance for Christmas pictures. We ran into a guy we knew over ten years ago and he gave us a 30% friends and family discount so we all got sweaters (jeff's and lance's match!). We then checked out Pac Sun to see what shoes they were carrying and to scope out the christmas competition. We then decided to go to Victoria's Secret and splurge on a no longer nursing/ have no boobs and need something sexy bra. I tried on a whole bunch and found two I liked. At 40 dollars I wasn't going to buy both so I chose one of the two to purchase. The poor salesgirl who was trying to ring up people as well as open up dressing rooms couldn't scan the bra I had picked because the tag was messed up, I ran to grab another, but when I came back she was helping someone else and Lance was screaming. Lance was done with the mall and my time had expired. I told the sales lady I had to go and I was sorry and we left. I am kind of bummed, but we really didn't need to spend that much on me anyways and I can go to a department store and get more simple ones for less. I do keep thinking about the one episode I saw of Tim Gunn's guide to Style about how important under things are, but I don't know if VS is ideal, but it looked better than my current choices. We then headed to the shop and since Jeff was busy I ran to the bank and grabbed lunch while lance and him stayed at the shop. It was a nice morning and though I do have a bit of buyer's remorse since I got a shirt and a sweater today for myself, I am happy about my purchases because I haven't gotten anything for myself in awhile and I won't feel as frumpy as I do. It was nice to actually go out and do something as simple as shopping with Jeff. I enjoyed every moment of it because I know next week is when the craziness starts or at least I hope and pray it does!

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