Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thankful for a fun night

I use to be a nanny for a family and every year this family has a large party for their families. Both sides of the family come, it ends up being like 50 people. Well we were privileged enough to be invited since we are kind of family to these families. Back in the day I was the official babysitter when the adults would go out over the Thanksgiving holiday, I worked at the store the family owned, I was their nanny, I continued to work at the store, I babysat for all the kids on both sides of the family at one time or another, anyways, we are the adopted part of the family. Guess who delivered Lance- one of the doctor's in the family, who delivered me? his dad. Okay, the illustration was made. I wasn't going to go to the party because I was tired and didn't feel very good, but I knew that some family members would be upset that they didn't get a chance to see Lance so we went. We arrived early because we weren't planning on staying very long, but we ended up staying through dinner. It was so nice to be accepted into this family and be a part of their family tradition. We don't quite fit in, since all of these people are loaded, but despite the fact I shop at Old Navy and they probably have never set foot, they accept and love us anyways. Lance had a great time, he was the youngest and all of the cousins had a blast trying to entertain him. He also loved their Thomas/Brio trains that hopefully we might inherit a few when the time comes. Jeff came after work and he really enjoyed the yummy meal: shrimp and cheese grits, it sounds interesting, but it was divine! It was nice to be around people we haven't seen in a long time and marvel at how quickly children grow up. Everyone couldn't get over how cute Lance was and asked when the next one was going to come along. I used my usual response: ask jeff. Even though I probably can't express how nice the evening was, it was so nice and what is sad, I enjoyed my time with this family a bit more than I do with mine and my in-laws. I sometimes wished I had a large family and I miss the large family get togethers we had when I was younger. I hope one day I can talk Jeff into several more kids so we can have a large family, because bigger is a lot of fun, but can be stressful.

Thankful Day 6:
1- for being accepted to a family gathering when you aren't technically family

2- for jeff getting off early (or at least he says he is)

3- for children's books- there are so many books that i love and can't wait to share with Lance

4- new clothes- they just make you feel so much better, less frumpy

5- hand-me-downs, though they aren't always what I would like, they are free and someone obviously cares enough about me to share what they have (i am learning to swallow the pride)

What I am learning:
-that though we don't have a lot, material things don't really matter, the world wants us to think they do, but in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter

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