Wednesday, November 14, 2007

growing up way to fast

Enjoying chocolate peanut butter ice cream, mommy's favorite because Daddy wasn't sharing his pumpkin pie ice cream.

Saturday night Jeff got some ice cream for dessert and just like his momma, Lance loves ice cream. I don't know why I busted out the camera, but I did and when I was looking at the pictures I noticed how old he looks. What has happened to my chubby little baby. He losing all of his chub and getting so tall. We are having problems find pants that fit, 6-12 months are high waters, but 12-18 are too large in the waist and a bit too long. Everyone said in the beginning "they grow up so fast," I didn't believe them, I thought the newborn, no sleep thing, would last forever, but it is and he is growing up so fast. We still aren't talking, but he is so close. I can't wait for Christmas it is going to be so much fun this year.
Things are better I guess money/store wise. We borrowed some money and hopefully that will cover us until the Christmas shopping season kicks in. I am frustrated because we never seem to be able to get ahead and it doesn't ever seem like we will be able to be successful, that we will always be treading water. Despite ridiculous gas prices I am praying that everyone will buy lots of snowboards and skateboards! Only a week until Thanksgiving, thank goodness!

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oh amanda said...

Isn't it unbelievable how fast they grow up? All those theygrowupsofast, treasureeverymoment, etc. etc. was SO TRUE! He's a cutie!


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