Tuesday, October 30, 2007

what happned to fall

It is cold outside. I hate being cold! The last two nights it has gotten down in the 30s. What happened to fall? I want some cooler temperatures, but not cold temperatures. Lance and I walked down to the park yesterday to play, it was fun, but I was cold the whole time. My thermometer said it was about 60, but it sure didn't feel like it. My nose was cold and running, my ears were cold, and so were my hands. I miss the 70 degree weather already.
Tomorrow is Halloween, I can't wait to dress Lance up in his costume and go see our friends and family. Lance's new favorite thing: turning in circles until he gets dizzy, very funny.
Nothing interesting really going on, it finally stopped raining, but it is a little cooler than I would like. Still broke. I am a little bummed about something going on, but I am trying to stay focused on what is important and I am listening to Casting Crown's "east to west" like 100 times, it is such a great song.

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