Monday, October 08, 2007

it's too hot for october

So one week into October and it feels more like August then October. I am ready for it to be a little bit cooler, not freezing, but cooler. I want to go to the park with Lance, but it seems so hot I don't really know if I want to venture outside and walk down there. I have to walk to the park because after listening to several messages from Rob Bell, I feel convicted driving my car somewhere that I could walk to. Speaking of convicted, I really am! I don't know about global warming, despite the warm October temps, but I feel like I need to be a better steward of the earth. I already recycle, but I can do more and want to. It is funny because I have been hearing from the news the importance of taking better care of the earth, but it wasn't until I heard a sermon that really got me thinking, what little things can I do that would be better. So far I have unplugged some kitchen appliances, walked to the park though I really felt like driving, recycled plastic cups from small group last night, and tried to not let the water run continuously while washing dishes. I don't know if I can be radical enough to switch to cloth diapers, but I may have to, I made the mistake of buying pampers last week and now Lance has a red behind and I had to go out and by more, which stinks because we have very little money. On an exciting note, this weekend I haggled and got a new jogging stroller. Our jogging stroller died in August and I have been wanting another. I saw one Friday night at once upon a child, and after talking with my mom and looking up stroller prices I went the next day to see if they would take a lower price, which they did, it was so awesome because I am so not a bargainer, if the price says 2 dollars, i believe it is 2 dollars, not a 1.50, I don't yard sale for that very reason. Well Lance is up from nap.

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