Monday, September 24, 2007

the firehouse is looking mighty good right now

We are at one full week of yucky nose and buckets of drool without an end in sight. Saturday Lance did not sleep, he was up about every two hours and he was pretty grumpy most of Sunday probably from being up half the night. Last night he slept better, since Jeff was out camping, Lance slept in bed with me and when he started to cry I would just rub his foot and he would stop and go back to sleep. You know your kid might have a problem when they hand you the dimetapp and quarter teaspoon. Lance really likes the cold medicine, so much so, he hands it to me. I did not give him any because I thought he was doing better, but I realize now it was so early to make that judgement call. Since Jeff was gone Lance came with me this morning to small group. I was hoping he would go downstairs with the babysitter, but unfortunately, he wasn't going for that, I wasn't surprised because I don't think he feels that great, but I was still hoping to have some time to myself. Lance was quite a pain this morning and I really wished I had just stayed at home, he was getting into everything, throwing a temper tantrum, and just not a happy camper. I am frustrated because I feel like a lousy parent since I can't leave Lance with a babysitter and in the near future I wish probably stay at home instead of going to group. Lance was in quite a bad mood and as our little joke, "the firehouse was looking mighty good about now." I hope that a good nap will cure the grump and maybe an afternoon at the park so we can enjoy the last warm days before it gets cold. I have mixed feelings about the weather turning, I prefer warm to cold, but if it is snowing, I am in heaven.

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