Tuesday, June 19, 2007

too hot outside

It is ridiculously hot outside today. Today was Babysitting Tuesday and the day really flew by. We took John to his morning activity and then went to visit my mom at work. We then picked John up and fixed lunch. They were out of bread so we had peanut butter and jelly on hot dog buns and made up a song about it. After lunch we headed to a salon for the boys to get their hair cut. Then we dropped John off at tennis lessons and headed home. Lance is currently sleeping and I am really tired. Lance has been getting up at like 4 and then 6:30 and he is overly tired. I was really hoping that he would sleep in this morning, but no such luck. I need to go rest because this evening instead of a leadership meeting we are going fishing, which should be fun. We are helping some mentally challenged kids fish, which will definitely be exciting, I just hope it cools down a little. Father's Day was kind of uneventful, we went to church, worked around the house, went to see Charles, dinner, and then went to see the LU on the mountain. Jeff tried to fix the storm door, but no such luck, he needs some kind of wedge or something, I don't know, but I was really hoping that I would be able to scratch that off our list, maybe next weekend. Jeff and I have been listening to podcasts of Andy Stanley in the evenings, really good stuff, about how we need to change our thinking instead of breaking away or running away. I am always tempted to just move away, but I know that it wouldn't make life any better. Okay, I need to finish the laundry. Only a week and a half to my sister wedding, and I still haven't ordered shoes!

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