Monday, May 21, 2007

a girl could get used to this

What is the saying, ignorance is bliss. Oh that is so true. I am sitting here on the sofa in our hotel room at the Sunspree Resort in Wrightsville Beach and I am loving the lifestyle of the rich and lazy. The view from the room is amazing, the hotel is so clean and nice, the weather is warm, and not too hot, the beach is beautiful, the food delicious, and the company as cute as can be. I slept so well last night in my king size bed that is sadly more comfortable then my bed at home. Lance only got up once last night and slept in the pack'n'play the rest of the night. We got up this morning and went to my favorite grocery store, the Fresh Market, and got expensive juice, cut up fruit, muffins, and yogurt for breakfast. We also got some sweet treats for later. We then did a little bit of window shopping and headed back to the hotel for Lance's nap. When he gets up we will head down to the beach. Yesterday was a lot of fun too. Lance woke up early so we decided to go to church, which was good. We then headed to the Sunspree and while Jeff went to his appointments we hit the beach. I did not know what Lance would think of the sand and ocean, but he LOVED it, despite it being a little chilly, we wanted to go deeper in the water and play in the sand. After a couple of hours on the beach we got cleaned up and headed downtown for dinner. It was so good, last August we headed downtown to go to Elijah's for dinner but they had had a fire and was closed, I was so excited that they were back in business and I finally got my favorite crab cake sandwich. After dinner we were tired so we headed back to the hotel and relaxed on the balcony then watched some tv. After staying at this really nice hotel that we normally could not afford, how do you go back to normal funky hotels now that the standard has been set. I wish we could stay for a week, well maybe not that long, I would prefer a house for that long, but this sure is nice and I am enjoying every moment.

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