Thursday, December 28, 2006

busy, busy, busy

I keep expecting everything to be over with. I am so programmed with a school schedule I keep getting the feeling that life is going to change and the vacation is over with. We have been very busy at the store leading up to Christmas which is awesome. We keep trying to figure out whether the store is worth keeping or is it time to find something else, it is just so confusing.

Lance got way too many toys at Christmas and what is funny, the simplest thing, a rattle that was in his stocking is his favorite. Lance was great all day even though it was sensory overload and people overload as well. I got Jeff a bicycle for Christmas and though he would tell you know he knew that is what he was getting, he didn't! I am happy to see him really excited about something. Jeff took Tuesday off which I know did him a lot of good because up till Christmas he worked 14 days straight. Lance and I let him sleep in by hitting the stores for after Christmas sales. It was sad to see the spirit of Christmas gone in the aisle of Target, people were very rude and quite ruthless. Lance did great despite going shopping for several hours. I even got to run in Old Navy and do a little clothes shopping for myself since nothing fits anymore. I can't believe how much has happened lately. Lance had his 8 month birthday on Monday. He is 8 months, time really flies by. I can't believe how things have changed and that we are still nursing after such a rough start we had. Oh yeah and Lance really crawled for Jeff on Tuesday, he still will do his "army crawl" when he wants to get somewhere in a hurry, but he started to crawl, another milestone down. Sometimes when I get thinking too much I get kind of bummed because life will never be the same, next year he won't be our little baby, yeah we might one day have another baby, but it isn't the same when you have to share your energy with one. Okay, getting bummed about how time flies and things are changing so quickly and we can't go back so I must change subject. Yesterday and tomorrow we are babysitting, life with three is very challenging, but fun. I hope to get a good night sleep tonight so I will have lots of energy to put into three boys, I need to think of some fun activities to do with them. Over the last week I have come to the realization that we need a bigger car, it saddens me because I love our car, but it just isn't practical. I don't know how we could afford something else, but with Lance's new carseat and his gear there just isn't room for anything else. Well I have rambled enough for one night, need to go fix dinner.

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