Tuesday, August 22, 2006

lance missed the memo

Lance missed the memo that yesterday was my birthday and he should treat his mommy like a queen. I had a nice day except for my screaming, cranky baby. We went out to dinner and Jeff had to keep taking him outside to calm him down. I don't know what is going on with him. He didn't sleep well Sunday night nor nap that much on Monday. I also thought that maybe Lance was saving his gift for last night, like a full night of sleep which he gave his daddy on his birthday a week ago, but no, Lance was up every two hours last night and didn't want to sleep in his bed. Though Lance was hard to deal with, I had a great day. I didn't do much, but for my birthday I got my own digital camera. It is nothing fancy, but I am excited that I dont' have to share with Jeff and I can always have it with me. I also am getting a new watch and a wallet. The highlight of the evening was my ice cream cake, it was delicious. Last year I really wanted an ice cream cake and I had one, but due to morning sickness, I was grossed out by ice cream and only managed to consume at most two bites of the cake. It was a very nice birthday celebration and I thank my friends and family who made it a good one, and this is a big deal from the girl who usually doesn't have that great of birthdays!

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