Saturday, April 05, 2014

When the Cypress Whispers a book review

I was given a copy of the new book When the Cypress Whispers to read and share.  When I first began the book, I thought it seemed very predictable, but the book took several twists and turns and ended up totally differently than how I expected it to go and that definitely makes a book a good read.  I was also very impressed how the story seamlessly moves through different time periods in the main character, Daphne's life, as well her grandmother's life on the small Greek island, Erikousa, during World War II.  I love historical fiction, learning a little bit of history while enjoying a good story, especially stories from World War II, and this story includes how the community sheltered a Jewish family from the Nazis.  I also loved the relationship between Daphne and her grandmother, it was very believable and definitely reminds me of times spent with my grandmother as a child, unfortunately for me, not one a beautiful Greek island.
Being able to blend, modern times, World War II, and greek mythology into one book seems impossible, but it worked and it made the story seem more magical and yet real all at the same time. The author Yvette Manessis Corporon successfully describes the magical Greek island, a place we would love to be a part of, where everyone knows everyone and there is real community, something that we sometimes lack in the modern world.  There was really a lot to this book, Greek mythology, World War II invasion of the Nazis, family traditions and heritage, as well as finding your voice and passion through the chaos of these modern times.  We all yearn for a simpler time or life and that desire makes When the Cypress Whispers such an enjoyable read.
I can honestly say, I didn't think I was going to enjoy this story, but there was so much to appreciate and learn and remember.  It is hard to fully explain everything that makes this book magical and enjoyable without giving away too much of the storyline.   This is a great read for anyone who wants to little bit of escapism or remember the importance of tradition and heritage in these modern chaotic times.

To wrap it up: this book was better than I expected.  I highly suggest this book if you enjoy historical fiction, especially World War II.  This book is about a woman, Daphne, who is caught between the past, tradition, and her Greek heritage and modern busy life in New York.  Yvette Manessis Corporon does an amazing job describing the tiny Greek island, Erikousa, a place we would all love to escape too, even if you don't care for feta cheese and olives. This book has a little something for everyone and a perfect summer beach read.

Note: I have not been paid for this review, this is my own thoughts on this book.

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